This category lists the courses offered for the students of Integrated B.A. B.Ed. and B.Sc. B.Ed. programmes.

Course Code - PE 8: Vision of Indian Education for the students of B.Sc. B.Ed., Semester - VIII.

This course fives the prospective teachers an understanding on human growth and development

Child is the core of every teaching-learning situation and understanding the child intimately from all perspectives is what a teacher should aspire to. To understand the child holistically is to  make the teacher facilitate the learning process effectively. In order to know the child, in an in-depth manner, knowledge of childhood and growing up is a must. This knowledge helps the teacher to create a meaningful classroom,  since long every document on teacher education and every right thinking education expert have one thing to say in common that is to change the approach in preparing teachers to change the classroom into a dynamic action oriented unit to orient our future generation into the role of "Nation building".   The course childhood and growing up is one of the core  which courses that focus on knowing the child and adolescent  as a learner in the actual teaching learning scenario of the classroom.  It covers different dimensions of their development and factors contributing to it.