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Alternative mode of assessment

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Hello student teachers

Keeping in mind the limitation of technology use and the pain we are all going through during this pandemic, we have decided to give an assignment as an alternative mode of assessment. The assignment can be submitted by those who have not attempted the two tests, those who want to improve and those who are interested too. Here is the detail regarding the assignment: The assignment consists of two long answer questions. The maximum word limit is 500. The assignment must be submitted by 10.05.2021, 11:50pm. You can submit the assignment in a hard copy, make it scanned and attach it in the platform or type it in a word file and attach the word file in the platform. The questions are:

  1. Discuss the importance of school education in a child's growth and development.
  2. Write down the educational implications of Piaget theory in alignment with the stages of schooling as per the recommendations of National Educational Policy 2020.

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